About Us
About Us

Vietnam Trail Rider is a joint European/Vietnamese partnership. Jack has worked in the travel industry in South East Asia for the past 5 years, and Kenny has been a local guide for the previous 14! Together they have formed Vietnam Trail Rider, to give tourists an opportunity to explore the remote mountain regions that many people pass by.

Based out of Danang, Vietnam Trail Rider is a new and emerging company based on the solid foundations of passion for adventure, history and motorcycle riding!

Although located in Danang, Jack has spent the last five years riding around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, while Kenny has ridden every trail in this country, from the Mekong Delta to the Chinese border!

Our tours and our company are based on a solid partnership, Western and Vietnamese, allowing for local knowledge but with a foreign insight, allowing for a well rounded and balanced view of this incredible country.

We strictly use genuine Japanese motorcycles, for their comfort, durability and most importantly – reliability. The remote trails in the highlands of Vietnam require nothing less.

Since the success of motorcycling holidays in Vietnam, there are numerous motorcycling companies to choose from, all with different target audiences and price ranges. We aim to be affordable, good value for money whilst providing a unique and different experience. What defines us and seperates us from other companies, is our own desire for adventure! Vietnam Trail Rider is about the journey, not the destination. No two routes are ever 100% the same, if there’s a road that looks like it’s worth exploring, we’ll take it!



Kenny was born in Danang, and started running tours at age 17 years old. With a passion for history, he is an incredible tour leader who can answer all your questions, about any topic, from the ancient history of Vietnam, to the modern day lives of the Vietnamese people themselves. Aside from that, he’s a motorcycle enthusiast that lives on on his bike! In his spare time, he also assists charities around Quang Nam province!


Jack is a half Scottish, half French 25 year old that was born on two wheels. Having toured Europe, North Africa and the Middle East by bike, Asia provided a fresh challenge in 2008. After a stint on a bike in Vietnam, he knew this was one of the best rides around, especially around the central provinces. Finally settling in Danang in 2011, and spending a lot of time on the road with Kenny, they decided to form a partnership to bring the wonder of the mountain regions to the masses!